"Time is money, and money is more than time."

Edgar Allan Poe

solar time

Solar time is determined by the position of the sun relative to Earth. Position of the sun at the highest point on the horizon corresponds to the solar time equal to 12:00. At this point, on the opposite hemisphere is exactly 24:00 hours. Going from west to east to time at the starting point add more seconds, minutes, hours. Moving about 1 degree to the east, until we add the initial 4 minutes. If we follow the west since the initial time must be subtracted seconds, minutes, hours. In this way, knowing the coordinates of starting and destination city, we can easily determine the difference between solar time. For example, if in the original is 15:00, is in the target shifted to the west of 15 degrees, time is 14:00, and in the village of 15 degrees east is 16:00. We can also calculate the longitude of the destination with the specified time in the initial and target and longitude coordinates in the original.